Working with Natural Processes Mapping tool

In November 2017 the Environment Agency (EA) released an online tool which provides baseline information, from open source data, for identifying potential areas for Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) to go alongside the EA Evidence Directory.

The current map does not cover a comprehensive list of WWNP measures, however, there is potential for this to be developed further. The tool currently identifies the potential areas for the following WWNP interventions (see example map below):
1. Floodplain Re-connection
2. Runoff Attenuation
3. Gully Blocking
4. Woodland planting covering:
a. Floodplain planting
b. Riparian planting
c. Planting on Slowly Permeable Soils

For further information about what the maps show and how to use them, please visit the user guide here:

For direct access to the ‘easy use map’, click the link below:

For the ‘Full functionality Map’, click the link below:

For access to the Evidence Directory, case studies and project outputs, please visit: