Kickstarter Projects

The Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership (ACCP) set up a Kickstarter fund to help get local projects off the ground throughout the Catchment. The fund was open to applications from our Catchment Champions and their Waterbody Advocates. A total of 3 projects were successful, these projects were:
1. Lower Aire – Refuges for Crayfish
2. Colne & Holme – Wildlife / action guide for the Rivers Holme and Colne
3. Middle Aire – Bringing the River Worth into focus
A brief outline of each project is provided below. Further detail about each project will appear on the website as the projects get underway.

Lower Aire – Refuges for Crayfish

The Lower Aire Valley is home to our native white-clawed crayfish. In 2015 a population of white-clawed crayfish were translocated to a site in the Lower Aire Valley after habitat works were finished to create an ark site. However, this population has not been surveyed since and so the survival is not known.

The Kickstarter funding will be used to Kickstart a crayfish monitoring project throughout the Lower Aire Valley. This monitoring project will be delivered by the newly formed Friends of Meanwood Park with help from a conservation officer at Leeds City Council and a crayfish ecologist.

The funding will buy the materials to make the traps and the volunteers will build them and help disperse them in the survey period for the crayfish (July – October).

It is hoped that the surveying and monitoring programme could be used to engage and educate communities about the aquatic life found in their local becks.

Colne & Holme – Wildlife/ action guide for Rivers Holme and Colne

Greenstreams and River Holme Connections will be using this kickstarter fund to create a downloadable and printable wildlife/action guide for the Rivers Holme and Colne. The guide will include:
• River specific flora and fauna
• Alien invaders
• Ways to prevent the spread of invasive species
• Ways to help water quality

These guides will be circulated to other Catchment Champions and Waterbody Advocates, schools, businesses and the general public; with the aim to:
• Increasing a greater awareness of native flora and fauna
• Help identify invasive species and stop their spread
• Promote action to improve water quality
This guide could then be used as a baseline for other Aire and Calder Catchment organisations to tailor to their area.

Middle Aire – Bringing the River Worth into focus

The River Worth runs through the centre of Keighley. It represents a key asset to the town and is the reason why the town is here from the early part of industrial revolution. The river and its immediate surroundings host a diverse range of plants, fish and animals.

River Worth Fiends (RWF) is a new organisation made up entirely of volunteers, the aims of the group are to enhance this green corridor by:
• Bringing the river into focus and raising its status as an important asset to the people of Keighley
• To engage residents and businesses to take a pro-active role in improving and looking after the river

RWF aim to achieve this by doing the following:
• Guided walks along the banks of the river to show off its potential as a great asset to the Town of Keighley.
• A demonstration of Riverfly Monitoring.
• A series of litter picks.