ACCP Professional Consultation Works

During the 2017-2018 work programme, the ACCP partners were consulted to help inform the strategic direction of the ACCP, by incorporating their needs, knowledge and aspirations into the Actionable Plan.
An online questionnaire was distributed to partners, representing public, private and voluntary sectors. The level of engagement from all sectors, was very positive with 86% of organisations responding to the consultation.

The results highlighted the primary benefits of working with the ACCP seen by our partners, these are listed below:
• The primary benefits identified by partners during the consultation process are listed below:
– Partnership/ collaborative working 18%
– Providing networking opportunities 18%
– Providing an overview of the catchment 16%
– Providing project development opportunities 14%
– Supporting work streams 11%

Other benefits also included; project identification, support for organisation development, facilitating connections to other organisations and providing a cohesive and coordinated approach across the region.

The results from the engagement process also revealed that the partners’ needs and knowledge requirements are as below:

The top three priorities for organisations engaged with the ACCP:

1) Habitat improvement
2) Alleviating flooding
3) Improving water quality

The top two areas where the ACCP could most aid professional’s organisation:
1) Funding opportunities
2) Geographical priorities.

The results also revealed that partners had a preference for digital representation of their priorities.

As partners support the publication of the Actionable Plan (with 78% of partners referring to it) an updated version of the Actionable Plan will be released in due course. Watch out for further updates.