You might be interested to see the following two films promoting recovery of our rivers through fish passage in Yorkshire;


The ‘Green Port Hull Fish Mitigation Project’ film, promotes the work done to address fish passage in the Humber River Basin as part of the Green Port Hull project,

Here –

The Environment Agency played a pivotal role negotiating a robust mitigation strategy which allowed Green Port Hull to go ahead, whilst protecting the environment, including the many migratory fish which use the Humber as a vital gateway to and from spawning grounds.  The approach that the EA’s Sustainable Places team took to spending the financial contribution from ABP (which formed part of a wider mitigation strategy), working in partnership with the Rivers Trust, turned £180k into over £2m of project delivery.


A similar and complementary film ‘Our Rivers: Recovery and Renewal’ was produced by the EA Yorkshire Environment Programme team using some of the same footage and featuring our very own Aire Rivers Trust, and can be found here;


Each film takes a slightly different approach, so I hope you will find them useful when talking to partners, promoting and developing this important work on Yorkshire’s rivers.


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