Natural Flood Management - logo from EA reportsSometimes known as ‘Working with Natural Processes’, the techniques of NFM are many. The effectiveness of the many approaches to NFM continues to be researched (and disputed by some), but the EA have just published a series of documents that make a massive contribution to the debate – get your reading glasses ready because there are over 1000 pages in the various documents!

There are proposals to implement a substantial amount of NFM in the Aire and Calder catchments.

These approaches can have multiple benefits and our Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership, along with The Aire Rivers Trust and The Calder and Colne Rivers Trust, is looking to play a key role in developing schemes and enabling delivery of those multiple benefits.

This first one outlines the basic processes and their benefits and is a great starting point for you to understand what we are talking about when mentioning NFM. It consists of 15 pages, each dedicated to a single NFM technique.

Other documents in the series are available (for free!) from the EA website and include 65 case studies, guides to the evidence, literature review, mapping user guide and others.