Meet our Catchment Champions

A key role for the ACCP is to engage people and groups from across the region to help improve our precious water environments. The ACCP Catchment Champions are a group of individuals already working hard throughout the catchment to do this. They represent the 7 operational catchments that make up the Aire and Calder. These are the Upper Aire, Middle Aire, Lower Aire, Upper Calder, Middle Calder, Lower Calder and the Colne and Holme.

The Catchment Champions will provide a valuable link to local groups within the Aire and Calder catchmen. Their role will be an integral part of realising the partnerships vision:

“A healthy and wildlife rich water environment within the Aire and Calder that is valued and enjoyed, bringing increased social and economic benefits to all”

For the next couple of months we will profile a different Catchment Champion each week, so that you can get to know the person representing your area! Our first week focuses on the Lower Aire Catchment Champion.


Lower Aire Catchment Champion – Elspeth Robinson

I currently work as a reserves officer for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in partnership with Leeds City Council managing nature reserves in the Lower Aire Valley.

I look after a range of habitats from young to ancient woodlands, neutral and magnesium limestone grasslands and a complete range of different wetlands. The network of becks, the river and canal connect all these features in the Lower Aire Valley and are therefore incredibly important as fantastic wildlife corridors allowing species to move about in the landscape.

My role as a catchment champion is to help promote the improvement of our waterways in the Lower Aire Valley for both people and wildlife and help to feedback to the ACCP all the fantastic work that is happening on the ground. My hope as catchment champion with the help of community groups, local people and businesses is to make the waterways of Leeds clean, wildlife rich, and places for people to enjoy.


For more information

You can find out more about what’s going on in the Lower Aire Catchment by going to our Actionable Plan. Or if you have any queries, or want to find out how you can get involved in the area, then please get in touch –