Influencing the RFCC

The Regional Flood and Coastal Committee is one of the EA’s statutory committees and is charged, inter alia, with:

  • ensuring there are coherent plans for identifying, communicating and managing flood and coastal erosion risks across catchments and shorelines
  • encouraging efficient, targeted and risk-based investment in flood and coastal erosion risk management that represents value for money and benefits local communities
  • providing a link between the Environment Agency, LLFAs, other risk management authorities, and other relevant bodies to build understanding of flood and coastal erosion risks in its area

The EA appoints independent members to the committee and one of these is explicitly reserved for someone with a conservation/environment interest. I am delighted to have been appointed to that committee for the next 2 years. The appointment is in a personal capacity and I will seek to represent the whole of Yorkshire in my role.

I see part of my role as bringing the environment and flooding communities closer together, in order that we can find and deliver multiple outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders. There are a few obvious areas for collaboration, such as Natural Flood Management and SUDS yet the challenge will be to think beyond the obvious and find new ways of enhancing the environment whilst still providing adequate flood prevention and mitigation.