A future for our environment

With the publication of our Actionable Plan, I have been reflecting on the future of our environment. Putting aside for the moment the challenges of financing the necessary improvements, I am encouraged by the current round of planning. At a Catchment level we have our Actionable Plan and that has contributed to the latest revision of the EA’s Mid-Term Plan (which DOES lead to funding) and in turn we have been involved in developing Defra’s 25 year environmental strategy.
At a catchment level I am encouraged at efforts to bring together the flooding and environmental arms of the EA and the current efforts to recruit someone with a specific environmental brief to the (statutory) Regional Flood and Coastal Committee is to be welcomed.
But, there is always a ‘but’ isn’t there, I have expressed concerns that we need to move from planning to delivery. Let’s not let time and money spent planning, and there has been a lot of both ‘invested’, get in the way of actually making a difference – planning is necessary but it’s only action that ever changed anything. So let’s mobilise and raise some funds, engage the community and get on with bringing our rivers back up the the standard they and we deserve.