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Project Lead on this catchment host, Geoff has over 40 years experience working in, on or near rivers. He started as a Pollution Prevention Officer and ended specialising in regulatory and relationship management.

Natural Flood Management

Sometimes known as 'Working with Natural Processes', the techniques of NFM are many. The effectiveness of the many approaches to NFM continues to be researched (and disputed by some), but the EA have just published a series of documents that make a massive contribution to the debate - get your reading glasses ready

Farm payments can improve the environment

Click image to open report Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, one of our partners in the Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership, have published an outstanding report illustrating how farm payments could be used to actively promote ecological and societal benefits (rather than, as often with the current system, to pay farmers for not polluting our

Job Vacancies with The Aire Rivers Trust

The Aire Rivers Trust currently has two vacancies. One for a Project Engagement Officer to support our successful DNAire bid and the other for an ART Project Officer to support our river stewardship and general trust development work. Both of these roles offer the chance to help develop and grow an ambitious trust

Coming soon this September: High Water Common Ground film

A new film about natural flood alleviation. Showcasing the steps we can take as a community to reduce flood risk. Official public screening coming soon – September 15th 2017: http://www.highwaterfilm.co.uk/common-ground book you place here: https://www.facebook.com/events/487699984917601/

Catchment Improvement Lead – an opportunity

We are advertising a role to help lead the Partnership to the next stage of our development. With funding from Defra we are now looking to issue a contract for someone to lead the initial stages of delivering our Medium Term Action Plan and for extending that plan to include the views of

Natural Flood Management

A lovely vignette raising awareness of Natural Flood Management.  

Flood risk management – do we need changes?

Earlier today the (D)Efra Committee published its review of arrangements for flood risk management. I posted my initial response on Facebook and I stand by what I said there - essentially that the call for a new strategic authority and 'floods czar' is misguided. This piece explores more of the issues. There is

Rewilding contributes to flood risk management

Rewilding Britain have just published a report illustrating how their aims are in line with those of us supporting Natural Flood Management processes as a way of reducing flood risk. Read it here. Rewilding Britain is a charity with a wild vision – to help restore natural ecological processes and enable key species

Shady characters needed to cool our rivers

Fish in Britain’s rivers are under threat from warmer waters. Cold-water species such as Atlantic salmon and brown trout, are struggling to cope as climate change brings significant increases in temperature. Today there’s a call for urgent action to Keep Rivers Cool by planting broadleaf native trees alongside river banks, creating dappled shading

Natural Flood Management in the news

Well done BBC for picking up work on Natural Flood Management AND for using the upper Calder as their photo (credit to our very own Stuart Jenkinson for the photo)! I do however remain to be convinced about the statement at the end, by Ben Lukey, a flood risk manager for the Environment