Community Engagement Project

Representing your water environment survey – have your say here

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has started work on the project on behalf of the Aie and Calder Catchment Partnership, the main objective of this project is to engage with all types of local users of the water environment, creating links between these groups and individuals for collaborative benefit. The way we will be doing this is through different stages, initially this will involve working closely with local groups to identify local issues and priorities. The next stage is to work together to figure out a way to resolve these problems, this will be achieved through operational catchment workshops. The information and actions gathered form these first stages will form the Aire and Calder Actionable Plan.

In order to achieve sustainability of the links created we will be looking to identify Local Waterbody Advocates and Operational Catchment Champions to create a hierarchy of links to feedback to the Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership. These roles will be an integral part of realising the partnerships vision of: A healthy and wildlife rich water environment within the Aire and Calder that is valued and enjoyed, bringing increasing social and economic benefits to all.

Interested in becoming an Operational Catchment Champion? Download further information here.

Interested in becoming a Local Waterbody Advocate? Download further information here.

Community Consultation – Representing your water environment

Community groups and their representatives have a key part to play in this vision and we would love to hear your ideas, opinions, concerns and visions for your local area. The survey aims to gather information from local communities around the catchment and will be used by the catchment partnership in developing our activities.

Please download the questionnaire here

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Local Community Projects

Do you have any local projects that you are currently working on or planning? if so we would love to hear about them, please fill in the form below and return to

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Waterbodies and Operational Catchments

Waterbody is the term we use for your local river, stream, ditch, dyke, pond, reservoir, lake, canal and any other bodies of water. Officially these have been split into areas based on the way the land lies and how water runs into certain waterbodies. The link below can give you more information about your local waterbody.

The Aire and Calder is split into seven operational catchments which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.