How to develop and deliver recreation and leisure projects workshop

The Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership are running a series of workshops to aid our Catchment Champions in their role. One of these workshops focussed on how to develop and deliver recreation and leisure projects; with Chris Hawkesworth as guest speaker.

The workshop covered the following priority areas:
1. Developing a project – The concept!
2. What should be in your project plan?
3. Top Tips

Developing a project – the concept

Before you can plan and deliver any project you need to know the concept aka the idea. Who is it for? Why? What is the need or purpose? Is it sustainable? Once you can answer all of those questions you can start to come up with a plan!

Project Plan

What do you need to consider?
• Do you have clear objectives?
• Footfall – Who? How many? When? Ticket price? Staffing and Safety.
• Risks – unknowns, risks to the public etc.
• Precedents
• Type of management – Financials, legals, trustees, site staff etc.
• Site’s physical details – Size, condition, existing use, biodiversity, Local Authority planning etc.
• Anticipating funding applications
Having a comprehensive plan aids significantly during the delivery stage of the project.

Top Tips

Here are the top tips when developing and delivering a recreation and leisure project:
Planning a good project will stand you in good stead
Partnership working is key in developing leisure and recreation projects
• Having a aspirational vision, aligned with partners vision
• A good strong, leader to manage volunteers.