How to develop and deliver education and engagement projects workshop

The Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership are running a series of workshops to aid our Catchment Champions in their role. One of these workshops focussed on how to develop and deliver education and engagement projects; with Barney Lerner and Adrian Curtis as guest speakers.

The workshop covered the following priority areas:
1. Engagement activity ideas
2. Top Tips

Engagement activity ideas

Below is a list of potential activities which you could use to engage your audience and raise awareness of your organisation/project:
• Poetry/Photography/Drawing competitions
• Guided walks
• Litter picks
• Walking guides
• Events
• Contact the media to get your message out
• Workshops and activities with schools – e.g. Riverfly monitoring

Top Tips

• Know your audiencewho are you targeting?
• Be clear about why you want to do the project, why do you want to engage a particular audience?
Partnership working is key in both building your project and engaging your audience (as we have seen in other workshops!)
Creating a community based document to take to funders and public engagement events is beyond useful!
• Going out and giving talks is the best thing to do when it comes to engaging your audience.
• Having a website with meaningful content/documents that clients/the general public can refer is paramount in the engagement process.
Keep your ear to the ground – know what is happening and approach relevant bodies when appropriate.
• An alternative to going into schools could be to target youth groups, beaver and scout groups etc.